About Me

  • Animation Engineer
  • Mathematician
  • AAA Games Industry


  • C++, C#, Flutter, Dart, ...
  • Mathematics
    • Linear Algebra
    • Quaternions
    • ...
  • Animation Technology
    • FK/IK (FABRIK, CCD, ...)
    • Procedural Animation
    • Animation State-Machines
    • Locomotion
    • Motion Matching
    • Animation Graphs
    • ...
  • Unity, CRYENGINE

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Projects and Work

Procedural Spider

A Unity Engine project of a completely procedurally animated spider. The spider uses inverse kinematics (IK), together with a stepping system, to position its legs smartly to the surroundings. It can climb any surface (walls, corners, ceilings, you name it!) and is freely controllable by the player. All movement is procedural, that is no preset animation is used at all.

Itsy Bitsy Passengers

An online multiplayer action game featuring playable flies and spiders riding on a train traveling through Central and South Africa.

The Roaming

A first-person horror game in a dark and empty hospital setting featuring a terrifying roaming humanoid-like creature.

QR-Code Scanner

A QR-Code Scanner written in C++ using the OpenCV library. The program detects QR-Codes from image or video input. Moreover, it can generate a synthetic dataset of QR-Code images, which can then be used to test the detection.